Advisor Retreat

About this event...

The Advisor's Retreat is an invitation to join the AAJHSC board members and other Student Council advisors from around the state at an annual retreat. There is no charge for this event. The retreat is designed to be relaxing and informal, increase community, and allow everyone a chance to be involved with the association. In addition, advisors receive help with planning, selection, and running of upcoming events. Overall, the retreat will help you help your students become better leaders.


This retreat provides a chance to get away from the daily distractions, time to focus on making student council exciting and memorable, and to feel a sense of renewed commitment. You will feel refreshed and enlightened upon return to school, have had time to collaborate and set goals, and a chance to develop a plan to achieve Master/Honor Council for this school year.

Other Information

This retreat is at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott for a complete change of scenery. The camp prepares most food but side dishes, snacks, desserts, etc. are encouraged for sharing with the group. Please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, a towel, and your toiletries. Showers are in the cabins. Dress warm - there is chances for snow!